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G3 America TaeKwonDo programs are structured to maximize every student’s potential! The system we developed is called TKD America – 5ARM. It focuses on the five areas to gradually and consistently assist our students in learning and growing their skills.

Our goal is to assist students to become black belts in excellence/character based on our 40 biblical leadership principles and present them with the opportunity to become competitive athletes. Founded by Master Lucas Rodrigues, 4th Dan Black Belt WTF, and Head Instructor with over 25 years of TaeKwonDo and coaching experience, G3 America provides TaeKwonDo classes for kids, teens, and adults.

Our TKD America – 5ARM System provides our students with the best, most efficient, all-around Sport TaeKwonDo program. Our Martial Arts Program is divided into five areas: Strikes, Blocks, Takedowns, Stances, and Kick Techniques.


G3 America TaeKwonDo Kids program is a Black Belt Sport TaeKwonDo Program focusing on providing a challenging, educational, and fun journey all the way to Black Belt. Our 5ARM curriculum is based on the World TaeKwonDo Federation Curriculum (WTF), TaeKwonDo Olympic Training, and Biblical Principles of Leadership.

Our classes are very dynamic, constantly changing, and challenging students to think, practice, and improve coordination, as well as physical and character development skills. Our reward system encourages kids and teens to be proactive and responsible towards tasks, and we are always looking forward to building great relationships with our students and parents so we can better assist them in achieving their future goals.

Our school is conveniently located in Margate. Our program is available for kids from 4 years old and up, and classes are divided according to age and level. Our schedule offers flexibility on times, and our classes are held Monday through Saturday.

Our Martial Arts curriculum offers kids the following benefits:

  • Anti-Bully self-defense
  • Improved self-discipline and respect towards others
  • Improved self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • Improved perseverance and school grades
  • Becoming a role model for others
  • More proactivity at home and school
  • Increased social skills
  • Team Work Attitude
  • Become an Athlete and a Black Belt in Excellence!
  • More…

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