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G3 America Sports TaeKwonDo

Welcome to G3 America TaeKwonDo! We are a Sports TaeKwonDo School offering programs and classes to assists students in the process of developing their athletic skills, life skills, character, and self-defense abilities. We are conveniently located in Margate, serving the cities of Margate, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Tamarac, and Coconut Creek.

We offer programs for kids, teens, and adults. Our classes are divided according to levels and belts to ensure skills are being learned adequately and progressively and our schedule is flexible to fit everyone's schedule. Students will learn, among other things, stand-up and ground self-defense techniques, and they will improve balance, coordination, strength, conditioning, and above all else, character excellence!

Taekwondo Sports Competition Program - High Performance

Our High Performance Taekwondo Sports Program is lead by Master Lucas Rodrigues, a Team USA National Coach, and it has produced USA National Team members as well as many Florida State, National and International champions and medalists.

In addition, we have a multi-disciplinary Team of professionals in place to assist and develop our athlets in the areas of Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition, providing individualized programs to enhance performance and consequently results.

G3 Core Beliefs

G3 America believes that every child is born to be great, and we support and motivate them with words of encouragement and biblical leadership guidance based on our 40 Principles of Leadership.

For additional information or to inquire about our programs, contact us or call 954-971-5233


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