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Harvest Taekwondo Program is a Multidisciplinary High-Performance Training Program created to assist World-Class Taekwondo Athletes in their full development and increase the success of our USA athletes internationally.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals and coaches work together in synchrony to plan and provide the best-suited plan for each individual athlete based on a positive, challenging, and motivational environment.

The Process

Once admitted to the program, each athlete undergoes a physical, nutrition, emotional, and medical evaluation to set a valuable benchmark, proper training program, all aligned to a competition schedule.

The Program

Our HTA Training Program is developed to provide a smart, high-intensity training routine based on our 4T process: Power, Speed, Coordination, and Diversification. We firmly believe that this will elevate one's individual performance level to the highest.
Training Sessions are planned and designed based on Modern Taekwondo and always adapting to a winning game model.
The Training Program is structured with Taekwondo Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Body and Mind Prevention, amongst other things, according to the athlete's season.

The Commitment

In order to become a world-class athlete and perform at that level, one has to maintain 100% commitment to the process. Focus, determination, and awareness are crucial for a successful path in the sport.

Additional Opportunities

In addition, our athletes will have access to other seasonal training opportunities with our training partners in the US and internationally. For additional information click on Harvest Taekwondo Program

Harvest Athletes

Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 2.56.18 PM

Victor Rodrigues
Male Jr. -68kg/ Senior -68Kg

2024 Junior National Team Member
2024 Junior Team Trials Gold Medalist
2024 Senior National Team Alternate
2024 Senior Team Trials Silver Medalist
2024 Presidents Cup Gold Medalist
2024 US Open Gold Medalist
2023 Romania Open Silver Medalist
2023 Pan American Championship Silver Medalist
2023 Junior National Team Member
2022 Pan American Championship Bronze Medalist

Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 2.56.33 PM

Makenna Silva
Female Jr. -63 kg/ Senior -67Kg

2024 Presidents Cup Gold Medalist
2023 Junior National Team Member
2023 US Open Gold Medalist
2023 Pan American Championship Gold Medalist
2023 Costa Rica Open Gold Medalist
2023 President's Cup Gold medalist
2023 USAT National Championship Gold Medalist